Sat on the Rocks

John Lamar Jenkins is a consummate professional speaker and nationally recognized leadership expert focusing on the “The 3 P’s Plus 1” concept of life.  Affectionately known as “JLJ”, he has earned his place as one of the most vibrant speakers at conferences delivering concentrated based strategies that have an immediate impact on one’s life.


John is the author of several books on various subjects all dealing with personal development, leadership development, including The Purpose of Your Life, The Power Within You, The Preparation You’ve Been Through and Protecting It.  He works daily researching and studying cutting edge strategies to help clients succeed.

Life hasn’t always been perfect.  Although growing up as an only child as a "Pastors Kid" and having the love and comfort from parents that many never experience, his first encounter with the law was at age sixteen.  After a six month stay in a boy’s facility he went on to graduate and attend college but his college career would suffer a bump in the road too however that would not stop him. 

Despite life challenges as many of us have, he landed a secure position with a fortune 500 company making six-figure income.  During this time John created  some successful and some not successful companies always creating network of alliances that would one day be used later. 


With marriage and children right around the corner there were unsolved incidents which would still haunt John and later cause him to meet the Grim-Reaper face to face.  Even with three beautiful kids his escape, love for partying and clubbing would escalate unto no means.  Who would have ever known that almost a ten year addiction would spiral downward everything in his path.  But thank God, for the solid foundation that stabilized a point in his life that created a belief within, there was always a way out. It would be just a matter of time that John would discover why he like so many others would take the wrong road in life but eventually getting back on track because of his discovery and dedicating his life to giving back the gift that God had given him. 


This gift of understanding and teaching students How To Discover God’s Purpose for their lives would eventually impact thousands by saved marriages, reunited families, kids growing up with parents in the home, the cease of homelessness, hunger, escaping bad decisions and so much more.  John was now compelled to share this gift of discovery with everyone he could repairing and rebuilding the broken-hearted and  misguided minds to have a turnaround  fulfilled life.


Since 2000, John has delivered to many, helping thousands live a better fulfilled and more productive life.  His conferences bring out thousands that seek to learn about themselves and discover the hidden treasure within achieving maximum levels of FOCUS in order for their success.  JLJ has earned a reputation where high profile clients and top companies trust in his leadership, experience and unmatched proven track record.


John holds a Bachelors of  Arts, Masters of Business, various certificates and is currently working on his Ph.D. focusing on Marriage & Pastoral Counseling.  He affirms that the answer to all life's problems is living in God's purpose for you.


He is a regular contributor to the community and always has time to help.  His motto “Help Anyone You Can Now” is becoming a national colloquial saying throughout Northern America.